Whether you engage us strategically during the Envisioning, Planning, Archicture and Design Phases or bring us in to handle issues in the Delivery, or Configuration Management Phase, our committment to excellent communication and accountability will always be hallmarks of our practice.

Strategic IT Assessment

Soft Solutions can help align your IT efforts with your business vision. Our core team and network of partners has a broad range of industry and solution experience. We tailor enterprise consulting experience to organizations of all sizes to give a comprehensive view based on best practices and outcomes. Assessments provide you with complete documentation and peace of mind knowing that industry experts are reviewing their technology and helping them make informed, strategic decisions. Analyses, in general, are very inexpensive while the recommendations provided often prove invaluable. Your business has immediate needs and long-term goals, both of which should be the foundation of your IT decisions. Through the use of technology and process, we can help you improve the quality of your offerings, increase your company’s productivity, and leverage IT to positively affect your bottom line.

SharePoint Assessment and Planning

We help organizations determine if SharePoint is the right fit for their needs and if so create a plan which includes assessment of processes, people, and tooling for managing documents, information, and process automation. We have resources to provide business architecture services as well as hands-on technology design and implementation. We look beyond the technology to business drivers and patterns which will shape your organizational efforts.

SharePoint Upgrade, Migration, and Installation

Soft Solutions has broad experience in upgrading /migrate/install activities across all versions of SharePoint both on-premise and within Office365. We consider impact on infrastructure, and people and provide cutover and hypercare period to ensure we optimize the value of the implementation effort. Though sometimes clearcut, careful planning across organizational units, ensures a clean and sustainable installation and configuration. Our services include configuring security, active directory, search, and disaster recovery.

SharePoint and Dynamics CRM Support

We work with our customers to create a Customer Support Strategic Plan for their tailored implementation of Dynamics CRM and/or SharePoint. Each Customer Support Strategy identifies the uniqueness of each customer thus allowing our Support Engineers to provide the most effective assistance to our customers. Work with our Support Engineers to document a complete Customized Support Strategic Plan (CSSP) which will form the basis of an ongoing flexible support model. Areas of focus include:
  • Server Configuration
  • Database Configuration
  • Software Configuration (Business Unit, Advanced Find etc)
  • Customizations
  • Workflows
  • Entities and Attributes

Once completed the CSSP becomes the Run-book for that clients’ environment providing SSG Support Engineers and any internal infrastructure staff of our clients, the required information to be efficient when called upon. Based upon the Planning Phase and Discovery, customers can choose a level of support that is appropriate. We monitor usage metrics along the way to make sure you are getting ROI from the engagement and adjust the plan accordingly as needed. Typical Support Contract Features:

  • Service Level Agreement with guaranteed response time
  • A block of support hours per month based on size and complexity of the environments managed
  • Software Update Services (Proactive Patches and Updates)
  • Problem Resolution
  • Development and Customization Support if applicable

SharePoint Customizations, User Experience, and Branding

Custom Development: As your business needs evolve, you need to create and update policies, custom entities, workflows and other custom code. Often, these [projects are critical to realizing the maximum benefit of your solution, but too small to require a full scale consulting engagement. Having access to a Consulting Custom Developer is the answer. This developer acts as an extension of your IT staff, handling small scale custom development needs. This developer understands your environment, is your direct point of contact and can quickly be leveraged to address your needs. Using Microsoft SharePoint, you can share ideas and expertise across your organization and find the right business information to make better decisions. It’s an intuitive solution that helps businesses manage their projects, documents, and people through enhanced usability and in-depth visualization. Soft Solutions provides the customization services to make SharePoint personal and relevant to your business:
  • Branding
  • Themes
  • Workflow
  • User Experience
  • Site Creation and Customization
  • Line of Business Application Design and Development
  • Integration with Dynamics CRM
  • Governance

Business Intelligence

Soft Solutions specialized in Business Intelligence within the Microsoft Stack. Our Business Intelligence services will enable you to extract timely actionable insights from your companies data from a variety of content sources. While our discovery and strategy sessions are technology agnostic and comprise an awareness of the landscape of market leading tools, our implementation expertise focuses on the Microsoft Toolset including SharePoint, Performance Point Services, SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Integration Services, and Excel. We focus on providing BI Solutions with both the Microsoft Stack and delivery in web applications in HTML5/Jquery, against a variety of back end data stores. Business Intelligence can be consumed by all functional areas and roles within a company, such as key metrics for executives, in-depth analytics for power-users, drill-down capabilities for analysts, or comprehensive reporting for line managers. Deployments of Business Intelligence can occur at the enterprise or departmental level and enjoy high success rates and ROI. With our services you'll be able to:
  • Build Dashboards and alerting systems as focal points for performance indicators and summaries
  • Streamline the timeline from when knowledge is input to when it is presented to management
  • Centralize and version control spreadsheet usage
  • Enable informed decision making enterprise-wide
  • Accelerate the growth of services dependent on internal information to support your business
  • Speed information to those who need it most

Enterprise Portals and Mobile Websites

We’ve been building website for years on a variety of platforms including pure HTML and CSS. Lately many of them are within SharePoint and often Responsive Design is required. We can build attractive websites that are also highly usable and viewable on a variety of devices such as tablets and phones.

Enterprise Content Management

Soft Solutions’ approach to ECM comprises an architectural view of your enterprise across the domains of people, process, technology, and information. We tailor a best practices driven framework to align with how your organization works and would like to work. ECM examines how you use unstructured information such as web content and office documents and semi-structured information like spreadsheets and the content lifecycle in which these items live. Our Information Architects and Usability Experts discover how your organization views and uses data and seeks process and search improvements where applicable. We can develop publishing processes in both the human an automation spheres and build taxonomies from various subject domains including healthcare and life sciences.

Sarbanes Oxley (SOX)

SSP consultants are advisory experts on multiple aspects of Corporate Governance, Compliance, SOX, Internal & DCAA Audit, and Business Process Engineering consulting for various globally complex businesses. Key services include:
  • Continuous collaboration with BOD, Executive Management, Audit Committees, Steering Committees, Business Process Owners, and General Staff on financial and operational aspects of business and financial reporting.
  • Excellent knowledge of GAAP, IFRS, CAS, FAR,COSO, COBIT, ISO and other regulatory frameworks 
  • Risk Analysis, Entity Scoping, Materiality, Control and Risk Framework Design, Testing and Remediation 
  • Implementation, review and approval of Risk Control Matrices (RCM), Narratives, Flow Charts, Test Plans and Control Activity 
  • Review and approval of testing and related supporting documentation from Jr. audit staff for multiple entities and risk area process cycles
  • Best practices ICFR Auditing of multinational business operational and ITGC process using AS-2 and AS-5 and other methodology to minimize control weaknesses. 
  • Various items related to S-1 filings, and preparing companies for sale/acquisition